While I'm Waiting...


There is no Kim Hyun Joong - BFF My Story, My Song

Eng Translation Excerpt from Kpopcrave

can I get an autograph?

can I take a photograph?

can you look right here?

you’re really hot.

Same day everyday
for 365 days

My tongue is always
staying silent

I’m going to be real with you
so be impressed

Because I will feel sorry
when the song is over

I’m a workaholic looking after my
image right when I wake up

The coin is already in the arcade
If I don’t straighten up, I get damaged

I’m like the cicada
crying on a tree

I will let you down today
Time of immature youth

I couldn’t tell you even when I was full,
but you don’t need to treat me

I will still have to sign
the receipt in the end

I am a Boys Over Flowers
who likes soccer videos more than porn

I want to take
a break sometimes

I want to be
honest sometimes


Although, the song is upbeat, for me its a very sad song. The truth is sometimes painful that we just keep it. Im glad though that Hyun Joong has expressed what he feels inside. It took lots of courage to be honest. And I salute Kim Hyun Joong for that.